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Erin Rochon, Founder

“I love to help business owners spend more time where it counts… With their families.”

About Us

Erin Rochon is the Founder and Owner of Harmony.

As a mother of 3, and as a business owner herself, she understands the unique needs and challenges of small businesses.

In 2014, after 13 years of working in Office Management, including staff management, bookkeeping, office organization, patient care and all other administrative facets, she made the decision it was time for a change.

It was time to take control of her life. It was time to be the Mom and Wife that she wanted to be.

And this, is when Harmony was Born.

Erin wishes to ensure that owners of all small businesses and emerging enterprises are getting the most out of their time, She believes that the staff they employ should be engaged and focused on the success of the business and that she can help business owners spend time where it counts.

Erin and her team work to identify and qualify any inefficiencies that occur within the business, and spend time with the business owners to optimize their procedures, processes and daily activities, and continuously update the business owners as needed.

By responding to phone calls, text messages and emails, Erin is ahead of the curve when it comes to correspondence. She and her team prioritize customer support requests and aim to respond within 90 minutes.

With over 14 years of experience in Bookkeeping, Management and Processes, Erin and her team have developed systems to assist the owners of small businesses and emerging enterprises in delegating effectively, planning for the future and discovering the best use of their time.

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What is Harmony to Erin?

Harmony is the delicate balance found between your work and day to day obligations. When achieved it creates a stable foundation for growth in both your business and personal life.

Happiness can be achieved when that unity and balance is met in all aspects of our lives.

As business owners, most of us took on this adventure to try and have control of our schedules, and spend time with the people that mean the most to us and that support us in all our endeavours. But, we quickly realize how hard that is to achieve. The demands of running your own business can be extreme, and can often lead to 14-16 hour days and slowly the stress and time commitments begin to erode your relationships and family commitments.

Where is the joy in that?

Why do we try and get everything done when we are only one person? And by trying to get everything done, so many important yet seemingly less critical items, like bookkeeping, processes, procedures and staff management slip through the cracks.

This is how Harmony can help.

Want to create Harmony between your business and personal life? Contact us.

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Running a business is tough, Don't make it harder than is has to be trying to manage everything on your own.
We'll make sure all your books are up to date, and take care of any payroll and HR. Want to know what free time feels like?