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Every business owner I know gets a TON of business cards!

The question is, what do you do with them after you get them?
  • Do you organize them into a cardholder or binder for reference later?
  • Do you put them in a box?
  • Scan the card and input the data into an app?
  • Or maybe you keep them on your desk in your office with well-meaning intentions of doing something with them until they eventually end up in the trash?

Eeek, think about all those missed opportunities!

What if there was a magical fairy that would take all those business cards, sort them and input them into a CRM program or spreadsheet? Well, there is!

At Harmony BMS, one of the administrative services we offer is business card management. Imagine, dropping off all those cards and voila! No more business cards all over the place and you now have a system for potential client follow up and marketing.

While you are at it, drop off your receipts too, and then you’ll really be rolling 😉

Make 2018 YOUR year to kick butt in your business!

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