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You don't need a degree in finance to run a business. But if you don't plan on getting one, partnering with a company that can help you achieve financial success is essential. At Harmony we're able to handle all aspect of business finance, from weekly bookkeeping to year end tax preparation we've got you covered. Now you can spend time where it counts.
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Our First Meeting

Comprehensive, Complete, Transparent and In-depth

Our first meeting is an in-depth review of your needs, the information required by us, and what benefits we can provide to bring Harmony into your Company. We know what is needed from you, and we get this right away, by using our 5-Step Intake Process.  which eliminates the unnecessary follow up on common requirements which saving everyone time.

Talk on your terms

No more waiting and wondering, real time response within 24 hours

On the road or on a job site and have a question that needs answered? It is typically much easier to send a quick text message over composing an email or making a phone call. If you need something answered, send us a text message and we will be sure to respond promptly during business hours, and usually within 12 hours outside of business hours. No more waiting and wondering.

Customized to your needs

One size doesn’t fit all.

At Harmony BMS we know each company has different financial abilities and costs can be a concern. We work with each business owner to create a Package that works for You, and gives you exactly what services you need and want. With comprehensive details to cover each individuals needs, and a Packaged Price that you can budget for each month.

“We use Harmony BMS for our pay roll services. As a small business owner I love the convenience of having the deductions worked out for us, the employee tax forms filed and the timely reminders when things are due with the CRA. Highly recommend using their services for a variety of your business needs. Do what you do best and hire for the rest!”

Sherry Corbitt — Mortgage Intelligence   

“Erin Rochon, from Harmony Bookkeeping and Management Solutions is an absolute pleasure to work with on all fronts! She is professional, courteous, prompt and helpful. My experience with bookkeepers has been brought to the next level from my interactions with her. She is a true Gem! Thank you for all you do!”

Kristy Lee Baily — Interiors in Order Inc.   

“Erin has become a huge asset to Quartz Concepts and I’m not sure what I would do without her, she always goes beyond and above to help us out. There has been many times where I have to call her with questions on random days of the week and she has always been able to help! The rates are very reasonable and Erin is always fair. What we discuses at the beginning is exactly what we are receiving, not once did I ever get a surprise on an invoice from Harmony Bookkeeping.”

Judy Bednarz — Quartz Concepts  

“I had one conversation with Erin about what I needed and within 24 hours she created exactly what I was looking for. The best part is that she crafted the documents in a template format that I can reuse every time I bring on a new employee. This was the first time that I had outsourced this type of thing and it was not only great to hand this off to someone else but to also get great value from the service Erin provided was a fantastic bonus.”

Sean Lemery — Taunton Trades  

“Thank you so much for helping me with everything from my tax filings, HST return, keeping my books balanced and just helping me live my life with worrying about these things. You have made me a happier person and my wife love you for that, giving me the opportunity to send more time with my wife and 2 kids is priceless.”

Ryan Machado — RyMar General Contractors  

“Erin from Harmony Bookkeeping and Management Solution has be a huge support to my husband and I as we started his business. Erin is extremely knowledgable and resourceful. She is always quick to reply and able to answer my questions. I highly recommend Erin for all your bookkeeping needs.”

Hammer Contracting  

Erin soothed my fears by working with me to make sure I was set up just the way I needed to be”

Trisha Bower — Eat My Shortbread 

“I’ve conservatively saved over 20 hours per month. Harmony just handles it all. It frees up my time and let’s me focus on what’s important. My clients. ”

Brian Caicco — CEO PixelSmith

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Running a business is tough, Don't make it harder than is has to be trying to manage everything on your own.
We'll make sure all your books are up to date, and take care of any payroll and HR. Want to know what free time feels like?