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According to Statista, 269 billion emails were sent and received worldwide each day in 2017. The Radacati Group estimated in 2015 that 205 billion were sent each day so that number has increased by more than 50 billion. It is projected that by 2021 we will exceed 300 billion emails per day. That, my friends, is a mountain of email!

As business owners, we are responsible for a good chunk of those emails. While we may not reach the extreme numbers seen above, a huge amount of time can be spent answering emails and other online instant messaging through social media platforms. In fact, every type of media nowadays has some form of contact method, which is good and bad.

Much is written on what to do with all the emails and messages you get on a daily basis.

·       Answer them only in the morning

·       Answer them only in the afternoon

·       Delete them as soon as you are done with them

·       File them and answer them later

·       Only answer X amount at a time

But the problem of actually answering them is still a challenge. You can certainly set-up autoresponders, but you still need to respond, and in our instant gratification world if you don’t get back to people quickly they will send a second email out, but this time it’s to your competition.

So where do you find the time? At Harmony BMS, we can help!

Answering emails is a great way to keep your client or customer happy and feeling appreciated, which means they will want to do more business with you.

Making calls on behalf of your business can keep clients in the loop, and we can take care of those darn collection calls too.

If organizing is not your strong suit we can also organize absolutely all of your work files and emails and don’t forget calendar and database management.

Think long and hard about your 2018 plans. What do you hope to achieve? And how do you plan to get there?

If your goal in 2018 is to streamline your business, have more time to work ON your business and not IN your business, and get serious about growing your team, we are the perfect business partner.

Get in touch to see how we can work together today!